The lies we tell ourselves limit us in all areas of life

Limiting beliefs do just that: they limit us and stop us from reaching our full potential. They are the biggest obstacles on this path. Let me reveal some tips on how to overcome them. (click image for full post)

The 12 Laws of Karma

Karma is equivalent to Newton's law, which states that every action must have a reaction.

Every thought, word, action has a certain consequence. Karma is often understood as some kind of punishment, but the law of cause and effect is intended for learning and development. (click on the image above to view the entire article)

The truth about yoga that no one tells you

Most of us encounter yoga through yoga postures or asanas. In yoga classes, the teachers explain to us how it is a multi-thousand-year-old practice and how these asanas or postures are something practiced by ancient yogis. Is it really so? (click image above for full post)

Does a higher power exist only when we need it?

Has it ever happened to you that you found yourself in dire straits and started to pray or turn to some god, the universe, life - even though otherwise you are not religious at all? It happened to me a few times when I was a child, and in our family no one was religious and I wasn't taught to be either. I think that even then I recognized that there was a higher power, but I was only aware of it in difficult moments. I think that many Westerners are oriented in such a way that we spend most of our time very individualistically focused on ourselves, but when something bad happens to us, we begin to turn our attention to the higher forces… (click on the image above for the full post)

A recipe for a happy life

What gives you satisfaction in life? What brings you a feeling of happiness, peace, joy? Close your eyes and think before you read on.

We often look for these feelings outside ourselves - in other people, situations, material goods. But the constant pursuit of feelings, material goods or people can become exhausting and tiring in the long run. Yes, of course we will experience temporary joy or happiness when we get what we wanted, but how long does that feeling really last? (click image above for full post)

Abstinence from sex for spiritual growth?

Today I would like to talk about Brahmacharya, which is understood in the narrower sense as the practice of celibacy or sexual abstinence, with the aim of conserving this vital energy and directing it to achieve higher states of consciousness. I admit, for a long time I looked at this concept very narrowly and because of that I didn't deal with it too much, because it seemed old-fashioned and I didn't really understand it... (click on the image above for the full post)

How to manage stress?

Due to the situation in the world, which has no end in sight, we have all been under severe emotional stress for a year and a half. Some of us are afraid that we or our loved ones will get sick, others wonder how we will survive financially, others worry about limiting freedom, the future of the country and the world. This is by no means an easy period for anyone, but that's why it's all the more important to pay attention to stress and its consequences on our health... (click on the image above for the full post)

What if we just let it go?

How many clothes do you have in your closet that you know you'll never wear again, but are still hanging there just in case? How many gadgets, decorations, books and shoes that we simply do not need?

What do we accumulate in life and what do we cling to? Often these are objects with which we try to fill the void ("I'm not enough"), but we can also accumulate and cling to certain thoughts, ideas, worries, expectations, results, relationships.

The more we accumulate (material possessions, thoughts, worries, ideas, expectations), the more heavy burden we put on ourselves. We burden ourselves not only with physical but also with energy baggage, the more we are attached to it, the more we worry about losing it... (click image above for full post)

What have you stolen already?

I like to see myself as an honest person who would not intentionally steal anything. Don't we all see ourselves like that?

The truth is that I have also stolen a lot in my life… (click on the image above for the full post)

How honest are you with yourself and others?

Truth and honesty have always been very important to me. I have always prided myself on being honest and fair with others - this was an important virtue for me.

But in searching and expressing the truth, I hurt a lot of people. I believed that I had to be honest no matter what, direct, without embellishments, and I didn't consider other people's feelings. I saw my frankness as a virtue, and lying and hypocrisy as the worst possible trait I could have… (click on the image above for the full post)