My 1 on 1 Intuitive Healing Meditation sessions are a unique combination of all the techniques, skills and methods I’ve accumulated in the last 8 years of working and studying as a yoga and meditation teacher.

I’ve developed a technique that combines all my knowledge and experience from different fields of interest: yoga, meditation, yoga nidra, manifestation, positive psychology, transpersonal psychology, energy healing, sound healing, metaphysics, inner child work and many others.

The sessions can be done either in person or online. In my in-person sessions I use a acupressure mat and different instruments. The sessions are 120min long: the first 45-60 minutes are dedicated to my conversation with you, to get to know you and your struggles, issues or obstacles you are facing in that moment. Based on this conversation I choose a technique/meditation that is suitable for you and your current situation.

The price for this session is 100€ and I guarantee you will notice a change immediately (but for more long term effects I recommend recurring sessions).


After my session with Nush I felt like I was reborn. Even after, at work, at home, for moments it’s like I have wings and I’m being carried around. Everything is easy. I work with more drive and joy, not because I have to. And I sleep better. In our session we were focusing on my unexplainable hip pain, and the pain was gone for a week.


I have been meditating for a while with different apps like Petit Bambou, but nothing compares to the one-to-one session I had with Nush. First of all, she made me feel very comfortable during the conversation we had at the beginning, so that I was able to open up and told her without reservations how I was feeling and what I wanted to work during the session. She listened to me carefully, asked me some questions and understood immediately what I meant and what my needs were. Then, she was able to do three tailor-made exercises for me.I had been in two group yoga nidra workshops with Nush and they really helped me, but this time I felt I was able to achieve more. I guess this was because the exercises were focussed on me and on my state of mind.It is hard to describe the inner changes I felt, but it definetely helped me feel better and calmer. Nush sent me the recording after the workshop and I have been working with it at home on my own. I would recommend this experience to those that are looking for something more adapted to them. They will feel safe.


Before we started our session I was so sure I knew what I wanted to work on, but Nush asked the right questions and it turned out there was something else there. She made a special healing meditation that was tailored to me, and helped me connect to my intuition more and trust myself more. Before the session I felt insecure in my life decisions, scared, uncertain. After the session it felt like everything felt into place, I felt lighter, more confident, and I felt like I could trust myself and my decisions. It was a life changing experience!