The lies we tell ourselves limit us in all areas of life

Let me tell you a story…

When I was a child, I really wanted to become one singer. I played stage performances, I loved the Karaoke show and even when Santa Claus came to the kindergarten and asked if anyone would sing something, I sang a song on stage without any problem.


Years went by and I don't remember where it came from, but a deep-seated conviction was firmly established in me, that I have no hearing and that I sound terrible. I was ashamed to sing. I remember that while singing songs together in elementary school in music class, I just opened my mouth so that no one could hear me.


Every year it was a struggle more rooted - because of him, I didn't enroll in a music school or join a choir, although I would have been very happy to do so. Because of him, I was there many times shame.


Until a few years ago, I believed that I had no hearing. Until a musician told me that I actually have very good hearing. That I would be good at playing an instrument and that I could also sing very well if I learned it.


That was a big aha moment for me. If this limiting belief had not stopped me in my childhood, maybe today I would be playing an instrument, singing, maybe my whole life would have gone differently. Who knows.


But the purpose of what I am writing is not to show what I have missed. Today I know that this belief was completely baseless, but it guided my life in many areas, but above all, because of him, I gave up things that really made me happy. Danes, ko sem se tega prepričanja znebila, lahko povsem realno pogledam na svoj glas, svoj posluh in svoje sposobnosti in se na podlagi tega odločam, ali bom sledila pevski karieri ali ne 😉 Predvsem pa me to prepričanje ne omejuje več pri stvareh, ki me veselijo, pri doseganju in izražanju mojega potenciala.


Limiting beliefs do just that: they limit us and stop us from reaching our full potential. They are the biggest obstacles on this path.

How to eradicate these beliefs and free yourself from them?

We must first be aware of them - work on yourself, self-observation and self-knowledge are key. It is important that we know how to doubt and question every thing we repeat to ourselves, in which we believe.

A very common belief that each of us develops to some extent is "I'm not enough" – it dictates our entire life, relationships, happiness, and yet, if we don't realize that we have this belief, we can't change anything.

When we become aware of limiting beliefs, we can change a lot just by changing our vocabulary. For example, when we find ourselves thinking "I'm not good at this" - we add the word STILL. I'm not good at it YET. This tells our mind that even though we don't have that ability right now, that doesn't mean we can't do it—it just means we have more to learn. When we tell our subconscious that we can develop this ability, the ability to learn it, it will immediately start looking for ways to achieve it, how to learn, develop, grow and improve that part of our life.

In order for us to develop a belief, there must once have been some evidence in its favor. This evidence does not necessarily always have a rational, reasonable and factual basis. Therefore, in order to eradicate the false belief, it is necessary to find evidence to the contrary. In my case, it was enough that an expert in the field gave me the evidence, but sometimes, due to the emotional charge that accompanies a belief, rational evidence is not enough.

There are quite a few techniques available to help overcome limiting beliefs, which I teach myself in my yoga classes and in the Introspection program. Welcome!

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