Nuša Pevc

Yoga teacher and founder of Nush Yoga Shale
Moje ure joge so kot ocean: dinamične, intenzivne in globoke.

Nuša has always wanted to change the world for the better, which is why she decided to study journalism. But after several years of journalistic work, she realized that it did not allow her the desired creativity and contribution to society. She decided to find another way.

Her path led her abroad: she worked as a flight attendant for the Emirates airline for two years, later she lived in Canada. On her way, she was always accompanied by yoga, which she started practicing in 2012, when she was mainly looking for a way to calm her mind. For her, yoga is a spiritual practice from the very beginning and much more than just physical exercise.

After periods of more or less regular practice, in 2016 she decided to go to India for three months and learn as much as possible about yoga there. This trip truly changed her life. Not only did she complete two yoga teacher training courses, but she also found her passion and her purpose in life: to live and teach yoga.

She realized that by teaching yoga she can actually contribute, have an effect, improve, help - change the world for the better.

Nusa's teaching goes beyond the physical positions, as yoga allows us to get to know and understand ourselves better, develop our potential and become the best possible version of ourselves.

Nuša believes that balance is key: in yoga and in life. We live in a world of extremes, we are constantly busy and live in a "flight or fight" response, we do not take time for ourselves and rest. Nuša does not believe in fighting one extreme with another. That's why we work on finding balance in yoga classes. Balance between exercises for flexibility and strength, between more dynamic and more static exercises, between physical and spiritual aspects of yoga.

Nušine ure joge so vedno tematsko obarvane, teme so zelo praktične, a vendar duhovne, namenjene temu, da razmišljamo o sebi in raziskujemo lastne globine. Spodbuja vas, da s pomočjo jogijskih položajev spoznavate sebe. In zelo pomembno: da se pri tem zabavate! ?

Nuša is an internationally certified RYT400 yoga teacher and the founder of Nush Yoga Shala. She is in love with the ocean and traveling. Her yoga classes are also like the ocean: dynamic, intense and deep.

What kind of yoga does she teach

Modern postural yoga, as we know it in the Western world, has little to do with the ancient, millennia-old yoga. The postures practiced in yoga classes are only a good 100 years old or less.

In reality, yoga is the science of life, it offers instructions on how to develop personally, how to reduce unnecessary suffering, get to know yourself better, get in touch with yourself, overcome mental delusions, and become a better version of yourself. It teaches you to find balance, it shows you your connection with nature, other people and all living beings. It gives you the tools to overcome obstacles, develop your potential and grow personally.

Of course, we can do all this through practicing yoga postures and, in addition, take care of our body and health. So yoga is a perfect exercise for body and mind!

However, Nusa's perception and teaching of yoga has changed significantly in recent years. From following a "tradition" because someone said so, she began to question herself, delve deeper into this practice and expand her horizons and knowledge.

Today, she no longer blindly follows routine yoga movements, because she knows that no long-term repetition of the same movements is okay. She is constantly improving her knowledge with the best teachers in the world who deal with the human body and movement. Sh then connects safe movement and performing asanas with the essence of yoga, with concepts from yogic philosophy, which she tries to present in a practical, universally applicable and understandable way.

She is always looking for the best ways to make her classes training for life - both psychologically and physically, yoga has to be FUNCTIONAL. The purpose of everything we learn in yoga classes is that we can use it even when we are not on the yoga mat and improve our quality of life on all levels.


November 2016 –     Kundalini Yoga 200 hour course for yoga instructors (certified by Yoga Alliance USA), Shiva Tattva Yoga School, Rishikesh, India

October 2016 –      Hatha Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Instructor Course (Certified by Yoga Alliance USA & UK), Vimoksha Yoga School, Goa, India

April 2017 – Workshop: Yoga Therapy for Myofascial Release and Asana Anatomy for Effective Sequencing, Marichi Yoga School, Rishikesh, India

March 2017 –    Reiki Level 1 and 2, Advanced Reiki Practitioner, Anita Gomezel, Reiki master and teacher, Sežana, Slovenia

January 2018 – Anatomy weekend workshop (20 hours), Yoga Association of Slovenia, Ljubljana, Slovenia

March 2019, Ljubljana – Ashtanga yoga workshop Lucas Carvalho, authorized teacher level II (10 hours)

October 2019, Ljubljana – Ashtanga yoga workshop by Gabriele Severini, kpjayi teacher, 3rd series (10 hours)

November 2019, Ljubljana – Teaching with power structures, Mark Whitwell (12 hours)

December 2019, Zurich – Hands-on adjustments intensive with Mark Stephens (26 hours)

January 2020 Ljubljana – Clear communication workshop (according to the Non-violent communication system), Anita Gomezel (16 hours)

May 2020, ONLINE: Shoulder to shoulder workshop with Celeste Pereira (3 hours)

July 2020, ONLINE: Yoga Hip Stars Workshop with Celeste Pereira (3 hours)

July 2020 (ongoing) Online Asana Academy by Mark Stephens (3 hours per month)

October 2020, ONLINE: Spine + Posture workshop with Celest Pereira (3 hours)

November 2020, ONLINE: Therapeutic Art Life Coach course with Joel and Natalie Rivera and Victoria Hawkings (7 hours)

November 2020, ONLINE: Full Spectrum Mindfulness by Ken Wilber (3 hours)

February 2021, ONLINE: a set of workshops Experience yourself, Anita Gomezel (10 hours)

March 2021, ONLINE: workshop Safe, Accessible & Effective Ashtanga Vinyasa Practice, Simon Borg-Olivier (1 Hour)

March 2021, ONLINE: professional conference Neuroscience and Yoga, various renowned lecturers from around the world (20 hours)

April 2021, ONLINE: The Anatomy of Breathing, Celeste Pereira (3 hours)

June 2021, ONLINE: Core Values – The Science, Celeste Pereira (3 hours)

July 2021, ONLINE: The Bendy Brain Workshop by Celeste Pereira (3 hours)

February 2022, ONLINE: Anatomy Workshop, Celeste Pereira (3 hours)

February 2022, ONLINE: How to Thrive in a Crisis, Teal Swan (20 hours)

March 2022, ONLINE: Neuroscience and Yoga Conference New York (20 hours)

March 2022, Paris:  Functional Anatomy 20HR CEU Training, Hiro Landazuri (20 hours)

Junij 2023, ONLINE: Energy Healing Method Practitioner, Melissa Crowhurst (32ur)

In addition to the listed trainings, he continuously receives additional training, on a daily basis.


Avgust 2022 – danes: Yoga teacher & Yoga Manager, Villa Surya, Dfrost Almugar, Morocco

December 2016 – today: Independent yoga instructor - Nush Yoga

Marec 2020 – November 2021: Ustanoviteljica in vodja največjega joga studia na Obali – Nush Yoga Shala v Luciji, Slovenija.

2017-2022 poučevanje korporativne joge na evropski agenciji ACER (Agency For The Cooperation Of Energy Regulators) v Ljubljani, joge za employed in the Koper kindergarten, med drugim tudi joge za kaznjence in Koper prison.

Marec 2020 – Junij 2023: poučevanje online joge za mednarodno podjetje HealthifyMe.

Poleg naštetega pripravlja delavnice vodenega sproščanja Joge nidre (ter snema lastne posnetke vodenih sproščanj) in delavnice meditacije, vodi zvočne kopeli in 1 na 1 svetovanje, ki ga imenuje Intuitive Healing Meditations – gre za tehniko, ki jo je sama razvila na podlagi vseh znanj in izkušenj. Uspešno organizira joga oddihe v Sloveniji in joga potovanja v tujino.

In 2020, she organized the largest online charity yoga event, on which they collected 3100 euros for socially vulnerable families.

In 2021, she organized the largest Slovenian online festival of yoga and personal growth (Introspection) with 17 recognized teachers and lecturers.

She is also one of the lecturers at New schools.

She also gained experience abroad:

Marichi Yoga School, Rishikesh, India - daily guided yoga for chakra balancing and Yoga Nidra (April 2017).

Leading individual exercises of different types of yoga in Dubai (UAE) and Vancouver (Canada) - Vancouver Corporate Yoga (May-September 2017).