Functional Yoga

A yoga practice that is suitable for all levels, but can present a pleasant challenge to both less and more experienced yogis. It is a new approach to yoga, which approaches classic positions in a different way, ensures that you step outside your limits, exercise your brain, and look at life from a different perspective.

StressLess Yoga

StressLess is a great exercise to end a busy week and overcome stress. At practice, we learn about different exercises, positions, and breathing techniques that help us overcome stress. We work a lot on releasing tension from the shoulders, neck, upper back and back of the legs, as these are the areas where the consequences of stress are most reflected. Above all, we focus on the present moment, which is the most powerful weapon in the fight against the consequences of stress.

Relax Yoga

Relaxing exercise that stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system helps us calm down and relax. With elements of Yin yoga and Restorative yoga, combined with Elara's soothing voice and pleasant energy, Relax yoga is the right recipe for relaxation, calmness and better sleep.

Program Look at yourself

Looking at yourself is a program for personal growth in which we present various useful techniques for anyone who would like to get to know and understand themselves better, who would like to improve their quality of life, eliminate unnecessary suffering, improve their relationship with themselves and others, and bring more peace and relaxation into your everyday life. The main purpose is to use the full potential of yoga (that which is not physical exercise) and at the same time the full potential of ourselves. With small practical steps, we bring more attention into everyday life and thus live a fuller and happier life. At the same time, the purpose of the program is also to socialize, talk, and connect. The program is led by Nuša Pevc with many visiting teachers, so the individual workshops occasionally have to be paid extra. We meet about once a month.

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