A recipe for a happy life

What gives you satisfaction in life? What brings you a feeling of happiness, peace, joy? Close your eyes and think before you read on.

We often look for these feelings outside ourselves - in other people, situations, material goods. But the constant pursuit of feelings, material goods or people can become exhausting and tiring in the long run. Yes, of course we will experience temporary joy or happiness when we get what we wanted, but how long does that feeling really last? (click image above for full post)

Abstinence from sex for spiritual growth?

Today I would like to talk about Brahmacharya, which is understood in the narrower sense as the practice of celibacy or sexual abstinence, with the aim of conserving this vital energy and directing it to achieve higher states of consciousness. I admit, for a long time I looked at this concept very narrowly and because of that I didn't deal with it too much, because it seemed old-fashioned and I didn't really understand it... (click on the image above for the full post)